The positive impact to an organization of a GLP accreditation is clear and obvious with respect to regulatory authorities. These include an improvement in the overall quality assurance and increased confidence in the product. But aside from the regulatory aspect, have you considered the positive impact of a GLP accreditation to improving your organization’s image in the eyes of customer and stakeholders from the marketing/commercial point of view?

The preparation involved in the accreditation process requires you to reassess processes and procedures in your organization. This process is very important to your organization, resulting in higher standard of service and an improved product in terms of reliability and integrity of the raw materials and products. Accredited facilities are deemed trust worth by regulatory authorities, stakeholders and obviously your customers.

Although the primary purpose of the accreditation is obviously standardization of quality, there is a significant impact of the GLP Accreditation on the positioning of the facility in the local and international market from a business and marketing standpoint. OECD-GLP accredited organizations are recognized internationally. The uniformity of high standards allows you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the big players in your field and increases your exposure in the larger international market. The high standards associated with GLP accreditation, together with the international recognition, are a great marketing tool, and greatly improves you standing vis a vis the competition.

According to surveys performed by ISRAC (The Israeli accreditation authority), accredited facilities report that the accreditation process has contributed greatly the professional and business conduct of the organization. Besides the positive impact of increased product reliability, the accreditation process contributed to the business development of the organization.

People love quality. For this reason, it is reasonable to assume that already with the buzz surrounding your organization’s entry into the accreditation process, the volume of activity should rise as reflected in both GLP and NON GLP projects. People prefer working in orderly, familiar and authorized facilities.

Do not be deterred by the GLP accreditation process. With the proper experts at your side, the procedure is achievable. No matter what your current organization status is. We can bring our many years’ experience to serve and build for you a complete program to achieve the prestigious and coveted GLP accreditation and guide you through the journey. Before you know it, you should be able to proudly display the GLP accreditation certificate on your Wall of Fame.

* The post was written following and inspired by a lecture delivered by Etti Feller, ISRAC’s CEO, as part of ISRAC conference.